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Title Type Language Country Resource type Read more
Gender and labour migration trainer’s manual Manual English European, Austria PDF Read more
Move On E-books English Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom PDF Read more
Using apprenticeships and work placements to support faster labour market integration of adult asylum seekers and refugees Paper English Greece PDF Read more
Eurodiaconia’s Guidelines for the Integration of Migrant Women Report English Belgium PDF Read more
Supporting Migrant Women as Integration Leaders (ENGAGE) Project French, Italian, Croatian, German, English, Greek France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Cyprus Webpage Read more
European Network of Migrant Women Network English Belgium, European Webpage Read more
Contact point for people with qualifications obtained abroad Program German Austria PDF Read more
Peer Review on Competence Check for the Labour Market Integration of Female Refugees Report English Austria PDF Read more
Professional recognition Online Resource Platform Arabic, Bosnian, Dari, English, German, Hungarian, Serbian Austria Webpage Read more
Handbook on the integration of persons who have been granted asylum or international protection in municipalities Methodology English Bulgaria PDF Read more
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