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“Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program” (ComBuS)

“Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program” (ComBuS)

Language: English

Country: Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Greece, Italy, Romania, Ireland

The European project “Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program” (ComBuS), developed a whole school program in order to empower students, teachers, school staff, school leaders, and parents to combat bullying and create healthy and safe school communities, using blended methodologies, tools and activities. All the material of the ComBuS toolkit has been implemented in all 6 European

countries, engaging more than 2040 students, 480 teachers, 120 school leaders, 120 people from school staff and 600 parents. A total of more than 10000 people have also been informed about this project. During the implementations in schools, the lesson plans of the toolkit, the workshops with students, the reading against bullying activities and the material for the thematic school days was used and students were positively influenced. Feedback has been gathered from teachers and facilitators and it seems that the material had a great impact in a European level. Students learned to appreciate, increased their empathy, and respected more one another. The implementation in schools helped the community built to raise awareness of bullying in schools and to help identify, report and tackle the issue of bullying.

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