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Refugee Women’s Association

Refugee Women’s Association

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

RWA is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, which was formally launched on 8 March 1995. RWA is a London wide organisation and is the first of its kind in Britain.

To Empower Refugee Women

We do this through:

  • Providing advice and guidance on education, training, employment, health and social care.
  • Disseminating quality information on issues which matter to them.
  • Organising culturally sensitive customised training programmes.
  • Influencing/Lobbying policy makers.
  • Being committed to refugee women – being consistent and clear about our service provision, not diluting our principles of support to refugee women.
  • Involving them in our activities at different levels.

To promote and raise awareness of the public and decision-makers about the needs and aspirations of refugee women as well as about their positive contributions to UK society.

We do this through:

  • Organising conferences and meetings;
  • Participating in networks, fora and conferences;

Production of quality research documents.

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