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NESTAC Next Step for African Community

NESTAC Next Step for African Community

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

NESTAC is a charitable community organisation aimed at supporting refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants from the new emerging communities, with a focus on those from African origin living in the North West of England.

NESTAC also serves the needs of minority ethnic population in sub-Saharan African countries, having developed international community projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C) and in Zambia.

Founded in 2003, NESTAC was born from the recognition that immigrants, particularly those from African backgrounds, had limited access to vital support and services in the North-West region. The charity aims to empower people  and communities by providing them with  the necessary skills, tools, and support through our many activities and services.

Our initiatives and projects work to promote cross-cultural Activities and trainings, volunteering opportunities and health and wellbeing programmes by developing culturally adapted community-led projects.

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