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Language: English

Country: Germany

SUANA is a project developed by KARGAH NGO.


SUANA is an advice office for migrant women that are affected by domestic violence, forced marriage and stalking. Advice-seeking women can obtain comprehensive advice with a multi-lingual approach. Here, the relevant specific cultural context of the affected women receives particular consideration. Reservations and inhibitions of the migrant women against support services in the context of domestic violence are thus reduced. Our advice services are directed towards migrant women and refugee women (starting from 16 years of age, in exceptional cases also from 14 years of age). Our advice service is free of charge and will strictly be handled in a confidential manner. 

SUANA offers:

Individual counseling

In order to help, support and encourage the autonomy of female migrants who are affected by violence, SUANA offers information, through individual or group counseling, about:

·      residence permit and asylum-related issues.

·      social law and family law issues.

·      options of financial support.

·      possibilities regarding the protection against violence act, in case of domestic violence, stalking or forced marriage.

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