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GAMS: Psycho-social support

GAMS: Psycho-social support

Language: English, French

Country: Belgium

Beyond the training and awareness sessions, GAMS proposes an individual and adapted aid to all women concerned personally with sexual mutilations and/or forced marriage. GAMS Belgium is, above all, a place of welcome. The women are seen individually. We take the time to get acquainted; the first interview is first and foremost a « meeting ». We listen to their stories and their requests. If all goes well, a relationship founded on trust is born and makes any subsequent work easier. The relationship is important for these women ; it’s important for them to find reference points.

Often, we propose to women a gynecological consultation in order to respond to their physical suffering. For that, we work in collaboration with doctors outside of GAMS but who are also engaged in the fight. The little girls are also examined in order to assure their protection. We try to carry out regular checks to safeguard the integrity of the young girls.

It also happens that we guide women towards lawyers specialized in the rights of foreigners and female sexual mutilations.

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