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Better Future

Better Future

Language: English

Country: Malta

Better Future is a project developed by the “Migrant Women Malta Association”.

This project aims to provide mental health support to at least 40 women and so develop an understanding of improving factors and resilience women living in shelters or community. Thanks to the conduction of group and individual counselling sessions our organisation analyses the input from our clients, and will try to provide a multi-agency, person centred support. The outcome of this project is to collect the resilience factors of our clients and compile them into a Handbook of Cultural Competence and treatment guidelines intended for other health care professionals.

“Better Future” is supported by the Julia Taft Refugee Fund program. The goal of this grant is to resolve the issues related to refugee or returnee protection and assistance in Malta. This initiative is run by The U.S. Embassy in order to support the NGO’ projects active in the immigration field to respond to critical unmet needs of refugees.

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