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Title Type Language Country Resource type Read more
Better Future Project English Malta PDF Read more
Accompaniment of immigrant women and fight against discrimination Project French France Webpage Read more
SUANA Project English Germany Webpage Read more
ADVANCING MIGRANT WOMEN Project English Iceland, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom Webpage Read more
Supporting Migrant Women as Integration Leaders (ENGAGE) Project French, Italian, Croatian, German, English, Greek France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Cyprus Webpage Read more
COME IN Project Bulgarian, English, Italian, German, Greek, French European, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Greece PDF Read more
Mapping System of Refugee Integration Activities Project Bulgarian Bulgaria Webpage Read more
Co-housing and Case Management for Unaccompanied Young Adult Refugees in Antwerp – CURANT Project English, French Belgium Webpage Read more
Migrempower Project Spanish, English, French, Greek, German, Italian Spain, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, France Webpage Read more
Empowerment, Integration and Participation of Women (WEIP) Project English Spain, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom Webpage Read more
Empower and Training of Immigrant Women Project Spanish Spain Webpage Read more
Us&Them: Dialog, tolerance, collaboration for good coexistence in a multicultural world Project English Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom Webpage Read more
Supporting the Integration of Migrant Women, Refugees and Asylum Seekers (SIMRA) Project English Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland Text Read more
“LIGHTHOUSE Supporting lifelong learning and career paths for migrants by tailored counselling and recognition of prior learning to improve skills, employability and mobility” Project English Spain, Norway, Greece, France, Cyprus, Austria Webpage Read more
Evaluation environment for fostering intercultural mentoring tools and practices at school (E-EVALINTO) Project English Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Cyprus Webpage Read more
Digital Tools for Inclusion of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants Project (Digital Inclusion) Project English Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy Webpage Read more
“Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program” (ComBuS) Project English Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Greece, Italy, Romania, Ireland Webpage Read more
BLEND-IN – Language, Cultural and Social Orientation for Young Refugees Project English United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus Webpage Read more
REVEALED HANDS III Project English Slovenia Webpage Read more
MIRJAM Project English Sweden Webpage Read more